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Beauty and the Alien Beast: Teken (Paperback - Author Signed)

Beauty and the Alien Beast: Teken (Paperback - Author Signed)

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Welcome to the world of Galaxy Alien Warriors, where the aliens are hot, alpha, protective, and shifters…

After being abducted from Earth by alien slavers, Ella is rescued by a hot alien warrior who flees with her into the hostile wilderness of his home planet. While he seems to want to protect her, the inability to communicate with her savior leaves Ella uncertain about where they stand and how she will manage to get home.

Teken, an alpha wolf-shifter from the Gladiator Wulfaen race, was on a mission to find evidence against the alien slavers to shut them down for good when he saw Ella and realized she was his one true mate.

With a language barrier and slavers chasing them across the planet, the pair must survive their enemies and the sizzling attraction between them.

Features a strong, determined human female, a broody, dark alien shifter warrior with dark fantasies, and a BIG…

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