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Heart of Fire (Audiobook)

Heart of Fire (Audiobook)

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She’s the one who got away.

Now she’s back, and I’m never letting her go.

The last time I saw Kendra, we were both at the end of high school, technically adults but only barely. She was the fierce girl who’d always had my back, and I’d let her down when I disappeared after tragedy without saying goodbye.

Now we’re back in the same small town, and there’s something about her that hadn’t been there when we’d been friends years ago—or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it back then. Now she’s the woman I want to make mine. But I’d lost that right when I broke her heart.

I want to make things right with her and prove that she can trust me and that I’m the man for her.

But will she forgive me, letting me back into her life and heart?

Heart of Fire is a steamy, second-chance, small-town romance. 

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