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Ultimate Spicy Billionaire Romance E-Book Bundle

Ultimate Spicy Billionaire Romance E-Book Bundle

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Twisted Lies :

Sin’s got a saucy personality, but what happens when that independent fierceness gets her in trouble with the wrong man? 

She hopes for a solution, or she’ll end up on her knees groveling.

Twisted Lies 2:

Everything’s fair in love and murder. Sinthia Michaels has lost everything. Core McKay has nothing to lose. In one fell swoop, Sin has lost the support of her retailers, her couture line, and everything she’s worked for her entire life. Behind everything is the man she’s undeniably attracted to—and the man she despises just as much as she wants.

Twisted Lies 3 :

Core’s an ex-criminal billionaire that wins, whatever it takes. Until Sin. She’s the one woman he can’t have but wants. Core is irresistible. Sin won’t go down without a fight. The tension between Sin and Core has reached a boiling point.

Twisted Lies 4:

Core’s a billionaire bad boy—living in a dangerous world—with an empire filled with dirty secrets, twisted lies, and scorching lust. He’s a corporate god, one that sassy, curvy Sin hasn’t been able to avoid or resist. But now, the truth has come to light, and her life has been destroyed. Old wounds resurface, which changes everything.

❤ Four swoon-worthy romance books!


Featuring swoon-worthy alpha billionaire bad boys!

  • Twisted Lies
  • Twisted Lies 2
  • Twisted Lies 3
  • Twisted Lies 4

Fall in love with this alpha billionaire bad boy in this steamy billionaire romance by USA Today bestselling author Sedona Venez.

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Manhattan. Present
Day. W.C. (With Core)

How the hell did this shit happen?

I fucking hate him, but I want him.

It was sick and sordid, and I couldn’t tell what this really was. I only knew when I was around him, he suffocated me with his twisted lies and dirty secrets, only to cruelly resuscitate me. And shamefully, I loved it.

Core stepped forward, caging me alongside his desk, making sure my body was flush against his. “Ready to fuck, Sin?” he whispered in my ear.

I sucked in a breath as his hard bulge pressed into my stomach. Mesmerized, I watched his hand reach out. His callused fingers slid down my cheek before his thick thumb dragged across my bottom lip and penetrated the barrier of my wet, pouty lips. My body jerked at the sensual intrusion.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure how to process the touch of a man again. It’d been so long I’d forgotten just how good it felt to have a strong hand touching me.

He scowled. “Sin, don’t move,” he demanded huskily while grabbing the back of my head with his other hand. “Show me how much you want this, how much you want
me. Lick it like you want it, darling.”

I should stop him before this goes any further.

I knew I should, but my body thought otherwise. I was high off his lies and drunk off his hate. Now there was no way out. On cue, I ran my tongue along the length of his thumb as if it were his shaft. When he growled with pleasure, a tremor pulsed through my body as my cunt contracted.

Jesus, I’m so fucked.

Our mouths were a breath away. The desire and tension were almost more than I could take. Abruptly, he removed his thumb, still cupping the back of my neck, pulling hard on my hair, before his lips settled across my mouth. My breath caught, my mind undecided as to whether I should pull back or allow him to delve further.

Who am I kidding?

There was no allowing. I was Core’s possession, and the cocky bastard knew it.

I moaned sensually as his tongue curled around mine, demanding it come out and play. He awakened a need that lay dormant in the pit of my stomach, a need only he could satisfy.

He skated his hand down and squeezed my hip while his eyes were fixed on mine. “I want you. Now,” he growled.

My pulse raced, and my body trembled with want. He was crumbling my resolve. Diabolically, he stripped me bare emotionally, leaving me vulnerable and raw to the bone. He was revealing a piece of me that would be better left hidden. The message was clear. He knew what I needed, and he would give it to me if I took the leap of faith.

He smiled like the devil reincarnated as he released me and sat on the leather chair with his legs splayed. My stomach rolled with anxiousness as I leaped into the pits of scorching hell by pushing up the hem of my dress before straddling his legs. I shook my hair slowly as I rotated my hips. He grabbed my ass hard, stilling my movement.

I trailed my fingers over his chest. “Then take me, McKay, until there’s nothing left.” I leaned in toward him and bit his lower lip.

Book Included in this bundle

This Ultimate Bundle includes

  • Twisted Lies
  • Twisted Lies 2
  • Twisted Lies 3
  • Twisted Lies 4

About the author

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Sedona Venez writes diverse romance stories with small-town shifters and protective alien warriors. She lives the NYC life with her former military hubby—hooah—and her adorable fur baby. Her characters break boundaries to find true love, conquer fear, and they sacrifice everything for their happily-ever-after.


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