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Ultimate Fated Mates Romance E-Book Bundle

Ultimate Fated Mates Romance E-Book Bundle

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CHAPTER / Book 1. Grumpy Special Ops Bear

What the fuck?

I whiffed the air once more
to be certain.

A human female?

I stared down at the camp.

We were high on a ridge
overlooking the group. Cutter and Grant were spread out farther away. We needed an exact number, and for damn sure, we didn’t need a human in the middle of this shit.

I shook my head in

Did she even know what she was doing? No—did she recognize who the hell these people actually were?

“Beta to Alpha,” Cutter drawled.

“Alpha. Go,” I snarled, growing angrier by the damn second.

“Do my eyes deceive me, or
is that an unknown with our group?”

“It is.” I stayed where I was, lying flat on the ground, watching the woman get up and disappear into her

Then I eyed the primary
target, calmly sitting there on a log, watching the woman’s tent hungrily. This
human female was of no concern to me. Protecting humans from harm was the responsibility of the Protectors—hybrids whose job it was to hunt and kill feral and outlaw shifters that either killed a human or were a threat to human society. I was only focused on my target.

Damn. Should we move in while she’s out of the way?


The noise would draw her
out, and I wasn’t about to have innocent blood on my hands. If she got in the
way when we made our move, there was no guarantee she wouldn’t get taken out with the rest of them.

I growled. “We can’t move in
until we know who she is. Tell Grant to take some pics, and then we’ll set up camp for the night.”

“Got it.”

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“Bears protect what’s theirs.”

He rubbed a finger across my bottom lip.

“And I would fight to my very last breath to ensure you’re safe. I need to know you trust me to do what’s right… for you.”

I swallowed hard. “I do,” I finally whispered. “More than I should.”

Staring, mesmerized, I watched Fergus lean closer, but then he paused. I could tell part of him was trying to hold back, but I met him halfway. His sinful lips came closer, eventually pressing on mine. My body twitched at the contact. A fire started deep within my gut, spreading throughout my body.

Fergus was slow and confident as his tongue swept across my top lip and then my bottom. I opened my mouth, allowing his tongue to slide between my teeth. He tilted his head to the other side, his lips claiming me bit by bit.

I knew I should pull away, but it was as if I were tethered to him by some invisible string while his tongue curled around mine.

Damn, he knows how to kiss.

We both moaned, and his hold tightened on my jaw, pulling me closer. Part of me knew I shouldn’t be doing this with Fergus, but I wanted to forget about the ugliness—the wolves trying to kill me—just for a second.

I wanted… no, I needed this moment with Fergus.

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This bundle is not available anywhere else!

In this six ebook bundle:

Book 1. Grumpy Special Ops Bear #1 

Bear-shifter Fergus is an alpha who specializes in the art of war. With danger lurking around every tree, his desire to capture the leader of a renegade wolf-shifter pack drives him. Until temptation arrives in the form of the captivating, feisty human Trinity.

Book 2. Grumpy Special Ops Bear #2 

Whatever it takes, he will protect his fated mate. War Fergus understands. As the alpha bear shifter in his pack, he’s highly trained in the tactical maneuvers of battle. Matters of the heart are another matter.

Book 3. Grumpy Special Ops Bear #3 

With his mission in jeopardy and his fated mate’s life in peril, can Fergus save them both? True to his bear-shifter nature, Fergus has an intense demeanor… and intense desires. With his mate, Trinity, he’s found the lasting pleasure that has been absent from his life. Bound by his love and passion for her, he will allow nothing to stand between them.

Book 4. Gunner 

When Gunner returns home from war, he discovers he can’t go back to the way things were. He now carries a dark secret that threatens to consume him, and if he doesn’t learn to control his inner beast, it will destroy any chance of happiness.

Book 5. Eli 

Eli has been obsessed with curvy Olivia for years, but she’s far from your ordinary woman. Forced to keep his distance, he struggles with the constant reminder that she is the one who got away. That is until he discovers she is the mark of a hit, and he needs to move quickly before it’s too late.

Book 6. Hunter 

Irresistibly seductive and beautifully complicated, Hunter Golden finds himself constantly at war with his inner beast when it comes to women. His world is about to be turned upside down when his beast finally agrees with his human, and the target is in his sights.

Main Tropes

  • Soul Mates/Fated Mates
  • Alpha Hero
  • Military
  • Shifters
  • Band of Brothers
  • Protector


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