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Mega Shifter Romance E-Book Bundle

Mega Shifter Romance E-Book Bundle


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Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn

If she doesn’t accept our mating bond, I will go feral like every unmated male in Black Forest Ridge. After getting out of the military, I’ve spent years looking for my fated mate. Every Alpha needs their Mate. I never expected to find her in the Ridge looking for a job as the chef at my mother’s B&B. When she finds out she’s a shifter, her entire world flips upside down.

Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Rhett

My fated mate is the heir to the Hunters who killed my family. I never imagined finding my mate to be a newcomer to the Ridge and heir of my natural-born enemy.

Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Mack

I’ve known she was my fated mate for years. Now, she’s back. I saved Aurora’s life when we were young, but I couldn’t protect her when she left. When she’s back in Black Forest Ridge for her grandmother’s birthday, our chemistry is stronger than ever. My need to protect and worship her pulls at me whenever I see her.

Grumpy Special Ops Bear #1 

Bear-shifter Fergus is an alpha who specializes in the art of war. With danger lurking around every tree, his desire to capture the leader of a renegade wolf-shifter pack drives him. Until temptation arrives in the form of the captivating, feisty human Trinity.

Grumpy Special Ops Bear #2 

Whatever it takes, he will protect his fated mate. War Fergus understands. As the alpha bear shifter in his pack, he’s highly trained in the tactical maneuvers of battle. Matters of the heart are another matter.

Grumpy Special Ops Bear #3 

With his mission in jeopardy and his fated mate’s life in peril, can Fergus save them both? True to his bear-shifter nature, Fergus has an intense demeanor… and intense desires. With his mate, Trinity, he’s found the lasting pleasure that has been absent from his life. Bound by his love and passion for her, he will allow nothing to stand between them.


When Gunner returns home from war, he discovers he can’t go back to the way things were. He now carries a dark secret that threatens to consume him, and if he doesn’t learn to control his inner beast, it will destroy any chance of happiness.


Eli has been obsessed with curvy Olivia for years, but she’s far from your ordinary woman. Forced to keep his distance, he struggles with the constant reminder that she is the one who got away. That is until he discovers she is the mark of a hit, and he needs to move quickly before it’s too late.


Irresistibly seductive and beautifully complicated, Hunter Golden finds himself constantly at war with his inner beast when it comes to women. His world is about to be turned upside down when his beast finally agrees with his human, and the target is in his sights.

When Lightning Strikes

A cursed witch, a wolf shifter, and her sworn enemy, one tangled romance that could change everything…


Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn

My feet were aching and growing numb at the toes and ankles as I slogged along. Mud caked my toes, and pebbles kept working their way into the boots and
bruising the bottoms of my feet. I wanted to sit down and bawl my eyes out, but nope, just keep your ass moving.

I continued walking until I came across a fork in the road. I remembered from
Piper’s directions that she’d told me to go left at the fork. So that’s what I did on foot.

A deep growl pierced the air. I froze, peering around in alarm, but I couldn’t see far
enough up or down the road, and an impenetrable wall of blackness stretched
between the trees that stood on both sides of the road.

With trembling fingers, I turned on the flashlight function on my phone, desperately shining the light around.

Don’t freak out. Keep it together.

The faint light showed me nothing ahead or to either side that moved. But something was stalking me. I could feel it.

Shivering with trepidation, I turned around, aiming my light straight ahead. A chill ran down my spine when I saw the massive bulk crouched in the middle of the road.

What the hell?

Is that an animal?

The enormous beast rose and was now standing on two legs like a human.

But that was not human...

Continue reading Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn if you like: 

  • Fated Mates
  • The Found Family trope
  • Over Protective Hero
  • Wolf Shifters
  • Fixer Upper Hero

Get 10 shifter romance books from USAT best-selling author Sedona Venez at one incredibly low price. That’s three series in one amazing binge-read-worthy bundle!

This offer is NOT available anywhere else.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I totally love these books they have me hooked, once I start, I can't put them down!” – Review for Bear Elite Shifters

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great storyline, wonderful characters and Black Forest Ridge is a world building masterpiece !! Hot sexy, snarky times as well as having to fight for what they want.” – Review for Shifters of Black Forest Ridge


  • Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn
  • Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Rhett
  • Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Mack
  • Grumpy Special Ops Bear #1
  • Grumpy Special Ops Bear #2
  • Grumpy Special Ops Bear #3
  • Gunner
  • Eli
  • Hunter
  • When Lightning Strikes

WARNING: Contains books that you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.


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