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Shifters of Black Forest Ridge 1-3 Paperback Bundle

Shifters of Black Forest Ridge 1-3 Paperback Bundle


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My feet were aching and growing numb at the toes and ankles as I slogged along. Mud caked my toes, and pebbles kept working their way into the boots and
bruising the bottoms of my feet. I wanted to sit down and bawl my eyes out, but nope, just keep your ass moving.

I continued walking until I came across a fork in the road. I remembered from
Piper’s directions that she’d told me to go left at the fork. So that’s what I did on foot.

A deep growl pierced the air. I froze, peering around in alarm, but I couldn’t see far
enough up or down the road, and an impenetrable wall of blackness stretched
between the trees that stood on both sides of the road.

With trembling fingers, I turned on the flashlight function on my phone, desperately shining the light around.

Don’t freak out. Keep it together.

The faint light showed me nothing ahead or to either side that moved. But something was stalking me. I could feel it.

Shivering with trepidation, I turned around, aiming my light straight ahead. A chill ran down my spine when I saw the massive bulk crouched in the middle of the road.

What the hell?

Is that an animal?

The enormous beast rose and was now standing on two legs like a human.

But that was not human.


When I stepped inside the empty Cauldron Saloon, Freya was standing behind her bar, putting away drinking glasses.

“So?” she called out. “How did the video conference call with the Shifter Council go?”

“It was a shit show,” I replied, sitting down at the bar. “They’re blaming me for
Clancy. And they resent the fact that his actions have become their problem to
clean up.” I sighed heavily. “Clancy has now been added to the Council’s most-wanted list.”

Before the Clancy incident, my position as alpha of the Ridge town and my Bane pack was highly respected by the Shifter Council—a
secretive group of alpha leaders from various shifter breeds that governs the
shifter world across the globe. But now they questioned my ability to
run this town and pack effectively, all due to the Clancy clusterfuck.

Freya threw her arms up in the air. “There was no way you could have known he would do what he did.”

Guilt slithered through me for failing him. Clancy was no stranger to me. My
childhood friend and former military like me, Clancy had it all until he caught
the feral sickness and then disappeared into the Ridge’s rain forest. Now there
was nothing I could do to save him.

“Maybe if I’d kept a closer watch on him, I would have known when he slipped out of town. Preventing him from killing those humans.”

Just thinking about the video footage the Council had sent me made my blood run cold. The sheer brutality Clancy exhibited while attacking and killing the two
human males sent a chill down my spine. His only saving grace was not harming the human female.

Freya poured two shots of BF Home Brew before sliding a glass to me. “Quinn, Clancy is feral, and that’s not your fault. Now he has to pay the price for killing
those humans.”

“But wasn’t it my fault?” I clipped out before downing the contents of my shot glass in one swallow, reveling in the burn as it went down. “I’m the alpha of this town. And if I can’t protect my pack, friends, and townsfolk, then what good am I as their leader?”

Now my failure could bring down not only me but my family, pack, and town as well.

“You’re being too hard on yourself,” Freya said. “You’re not to blame for the feral
sickness. Unmated male shifters have been going feral for eons.” She sipped her own BF Home Brew before continuing, “Everyone, including the idiot members of the Shifter Council, knows that the only solution to the feral problem is to find unmated males their fated mate.”

“That’s easier said than done.”

The feral situation was not new to this town or to the shifter world. It was a fact that all unmated males would eventually get the feral sickness—and go feral; it was just a matter of time if they lived without their fated mate. But no one understood why unmated female shifters did not suffer the same fate. Not that there were a lot of female shifters in the first place.

She pointed at me. “Exactly. That’s my point. The Shifter Council should be focusing on finding a remedy to the feral sickness problem, especially given the fact that they, too, are unmated. Without a mate…”

“They will turn feral. So will I and all the members of my pack.” My inner beast
growled at my words. “Someday the Council’s Trackers will have to kill me and my pack.” My words held no bitterness even though I’d spent years trying to find my fated mate without success.

“The remedy is fated mates,” Freya said, refilling my glass. “We find them, then we
stop unmated males from going feral. Even feral shifters like Clancy can be
cured of their sickness if they find their fated mate.”

“Freya, if I don’t get the feral problem in the Ridge under control, the Council said
they would.” I gulped the shot. “And we both know how the Shifter Council
handles feral shifters.”

Her expression was one of disdain. “By sending their top Trackers to hunt and kill

As with most things, the Council dealt with the feral issue with an iron fist. They
terminated all feral shifters. There were no second chances. I knew that when
the Trackers found Clancy, they would kill him.

I locked eyes with Freya. She was my mother’s best friend, a powerful witch, and
one of the few who I respected in the Ridge.

“Freya, I’m here because I need your help.” I swallowed hard. “If you cast that spell
you told me about—”

She cut me off. “No. We talked about this. There is no way in hell I’m casting that spell.”

It said a lot that a powerful witch like Freya, who was the leader of the town’s
coven, had serious reservations about casting such a spell. But that didn’t
stop me from pushing the issue.

“This is our only solution,” I gritted out. “Unless I find the mates for all the
unmated males in this town, and fast, the Ridge is fucked.”

“You can’t be serious.” She laughed dryly. “You want me to trust the solution given
to me by a strange spirit who waltzed into my bedroom in the middle of the night?”

“Yes,” I barked. “She told you it was the remedy to our unmated males problem.” I curled my hands into fists with frustration. “That when you cast the spell she gave
you, it will call the fated mates of all unmated males to the Ridge.”

Freya’s stoic expression turned grim. “Quinn, I can’t trust a spirit who refused to
tell me her name or why she picked me to give the mating spell to. All the
spirit would tell me was the purpose of the spell and that it was ripped out of
a book of spells.” She blew out a breath. “When I asked her who wrote it, she
didn’t answer or tell me why the spell had been removed from the book in the
first place.”

I finally threw my arms up in the air in my exasperation. “Can’t you figure out a
way to validate the origins of the spell?”

She shook her head, annoyance etched on every line of her face. “The spell is
ancient text. And without seeing the spell book the page was torn from, I can’t
validate anything. But what I do know from analyzing the words is that this spell is pretty powerful.”

She paused, eyeing me. “Quinn, if I cast this mating spell, I don’t know what else
I could be calling. Honestly, what the spell is supposed to do and what it will
do could be completely different. I’d be messing with the universe with no clue
about the ramifications. Are you really willing to accept the consequences as
the alpha of this town?”

My irritation swelled. “I have no choice. Desperate situations call for desperate

I’d already failed Clancy. I couldn’t risk failing another unmated male in my pack
and town.

Disapproval turned down the corners of her mouth. “And what if the spell doesn’t work?”

I narrowed my eyes, and my nostrils flared. “Then we tried, which is better than doing nothing.”

Freya’s lips pressed into a thin line. “If I cast this spell, and it works, the results
will not be instantaneous. It will take time, as magic does.”

“I understand,” I clipped out.

She stared at me, worry shining in her eyes.

“Freya, you know I wouldn’t ask this of you unless I had to. You and I know this is the
only way forward.”

She sighed heavily. “So be it. I’ll call the members of my coven.”



Included in this bundle:

Book 1. Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn

If she doesn’t accept our mating bond, I will go feral like every unmated male in Black Forest Ridge. After getting out of the military, I’ve spent years looking for my fated mate. Every Alpha needs their Mate. I never expected to find her in the Ridge looking for a job as the chef at my mother’s B&B. When she finds out she’s a shifter, her entire world flips upside down.

Book 2. Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Rhett

My fated mate is the heir to the Hunters who killed my family. I never imagined finding my mate to be a newcomer to the Ridge and heir of my natural-born enemy.

Book 3. Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Mack

I’ve known she was my fated mate for years. Now, she’s back. I saved Aurora’s life when we were young, but I couldn’t protect her when she left. When she’s back in Black Forest Ridge for her grandmother’s birthday, our chemistry is stronger than ever. My need to protect and worship her pulls at me whenever I see her.

Main Tropes

  • Soul Mates/Fated Mates
  • Alpha Hero
  • Forbidden Love
  • Found Family
  • Matchmaking
  • Protector

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