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Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Mack (Paperback - Author Signed)

Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Mack (Paperback - Author Signed)

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My eyes stopped on the tall, muscular man—who looked like an older version of Chris Hemsworth but with dark brown hair—holding up a paper with my name.

“Well, ain’t you a pretty kitty,” I murmured. His dark jeans molded to his muscular thighs and narrow waist. A gold shield was hooked on his leather belt, confirming that he was, indeed, law enforcement. And his long-sleeved black V-neck shirt barely contained his massive biceps and wide chest.

Sexy Kitty pressed all my Yes Please buttons. Tall, check. Muscular, check. Exceptionally handsome, double check. He’s damn near a perfect ten. Except for the one important thing…

Sexy Kitty was a shifter, which meant that he was a hard pass for me.

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Welcome back to Black Forest Ridge . . .

I’ve known she was my fated mate for years. Now, she’s back.

I saved Aurora’s life when we were young, but I couldn’t protect her when she left.

When she’s back in Black Forest Ridge for her grandmother’s birthday, our chemistry is stronger than ever. My need to protect and worship her pulls at me every time I see her.

It was painful to watch her walk out of my life before, but having her so close and out of reach is torture. All I want is to be able to prove myself worthy of her. She is perfect to me.

Her walls are high, and her guard is up.

This is my last chance to claim her before my feral madness sets in.

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