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Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn (Paperback - Author Signed)

Shifters of Black Forest Ridge: Quinn (Paperback - Author Signed)

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I peered up and saw Quinn standing over me again with a scowl on his face as he gazed down at my ruined footwear. It had taken me forever to save up for these designer boots, and now they were destroyed. “Three paychecks of buttery Italian leather,” I admitted.

Quinn huffed in annoyance before leaning down to grab my foot. I stiffened. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Taking off these ridiculous things.” He yanked off one boot before I could protest, startling me with his deftness. His huge, callused hands enveloped my chilled foot, sending a tingling electric warmth racing up my leg.

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  • STEAMY Shifter Romance
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  • Band of Brothers
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Welcome to Black Forest Ridge . . .

If she doesn’t accept our mating bond, I will go feral like every unmated male in Black Forest Ridge.

I’ve spent years looking for my fated mate once I got out of the military. Every Alpha needs their Mate. I never expected to find her in the Ridge looking for a job as the chef at my mother’s B&B.

When she finds out she’s a shifter too, her entire world flips upside down.

Whatever it takes to show her that fate (and a mating spell) brought us together, I’ll do it, even if that means waiting until it’s too late. Protecting my mate is my primary objective. It won’t be long until she sees our community of witches and shifters as the acceptance and family she’s always needed.

She's a match for me in both body and mind – a true alpha female. I will do everything to be worthy of her.

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